Thursday, March 1, 2007

Perrin Technique Part 2 - Shirley Kay

If you are considering undergoing the Perrin Technique for CFS/ME and you're in Bristol, then you are in luck! Shirley Kay is the practitioner for the technique in Bristol and you will be very safe in her hands. Shirley studied Oesteopathy and Naturopathy at degree level and it appears that she hasn't stopped studying since! She continuously updates and develops her wealth of knowledge and is qualified in a host of therapies across the board. As well as being highly skilled in the Perrin Technique she is able to carry out allergy testing (through muscle testing), and assess your metabolic type to ensure you are getting the right balance of macro-nutrients (essential for health). Additionally, Shirley is trained in Iridology and is able to assess the strength of various internal organs and systems through the pattern of your iris. She uses a host of other Naturopathic techniques tailored to your individual needs, in order to support your journey to health. With the Perrin Technique, the introduction of Metabolic Typing into my diet, and a homeopathic remedy for my dust allergies, I have started to make good progress.

I look forward to my weekly visit to Shirley - as well as being an excellent practitioner she is a truely lovely human being. Her warmth and positivity are infectious and she helps me to keep focused on the positive side of healing. Quite often if I have a dark moment during the week between visits and I recall something that Shirley said and am able to refocus myself. We all know that the journey to health for CFS/ME patients can be a lonely one, and it is really good to have someone on your side who is rooting for your health and contributing to it at the same time.

When I first started the Perrin technique I felt extremely nauseous and uncomfortable - I take this as a good sign as if the treatment was a placebo then this would not be the case. However, over 3 months into the treatment I have moved through the initial wobbliness that it created and feel like I am starting to make progress. Good signs are that the hard lumps in my breasts have become less painful and have started to shift, and my energy is more consistent. I would definitely recommend this path to fellow sufferers, and particularly recommend Shirley to those in the Bristol area. Check out Shirley's website:

and contact her on
07870 767439 or on low call 0845 0091249

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Alexandra said...

Hi Sacha,
Congratulations for your Blog! It's nice to know what other ME sufferers are doing in the search for Health! I'm very interested in "the Perrin Technique" so keep us informed about your reactions to it. Best Wishes.